NEWS!!! Courses for Autumn Term 2020

NEWS!!! Courses for Autumn Term 2020

We hope to start the courses at the end of September depending on government guidelines. There are COVID secure measures in place and these must be followed when entering our building or during our face to face classes. Currently, all courses (except Crochet) are available for FREE for Leeds residents aged 19+ (material cost may apply). We are hoping to deliver courses face to face and online. We are asking people to register their interest in the courses so we know when and how people would like to start doing courses again. Courses we are hoping to run are below:

Starting Watercolours – Learn  to paint landscapes, portraits and still life using watercolours, suitable for beginners and those wishing to improve (10 weeks)

Developing Drawing –  Learn  to draw landscapes, portraits and still life, suitable for beginners and those wishing to improve (10 weeks)

Enhance your Art – A general art class learning to paint and draw using acrylics, pastels, watercolours, pencils and charcoal, suitable for those who wish to improve their skills. (10 weeks)

Wet and Dry Felting –  Felting is a technique with wool to create items such as bowls, animals, fairies and jewellery through using water and soap or needles. Suitable for beginners or those wanting to improve or have done a course before (10 weeks)

Use DNA to build your family tree – After a DNA test learn how to use the results to build your family tree and find missing ancestors. (10 weeks)

Improving your family tree online –  Building up you family tree using different records and techniques to find missing ancestors (10 weeks)

Starting your family tree online for free – Learn techniques using free resources to build a 5 generation family tree (10 weeks)

Advanced techniques for tracing your ancestors – Learn how to break down walls of missing ancestors on your family tree, sources of records to help find ancestors and advanced techniques for  building on your  family tree  (10 weeks)

Using Ancestry to start your family tree – Learn techniques using the paid subscription of Ancestry to build a 5 generation family tree (10 weeks)

Tracing Your House History –  How to trace the history of your older house and the history of the residents before you. (10 weeks)

Writing a Life Story – A course to help you write a biography or auto-biography (5weeks)

Story Writing –  A course that will give you help with structuring and writing a story. (5 weeks)

Changing your career –  Learn about your skills and qualities and how to change your CV to help find a job in a new sector  (5 weeks)

Writing Outstanding CV’s and Cover Letters – How to write a CV and cover letter that gets noticed by employers (5 weeks)

Learn to use the Internet – a basic course for those wanting to learn to use a computer and internet (10 weeks)

Improving your Internet skills –  a course for those who know the basics of using the internet but want to know more (10 weeks)

Standing Out at Interviews – Learn about different styles of job interviews and the best techniques to succeed in them (5 weeks)

Effective Job Searching Online– A short course on how to look for work online more effectively, hints and tips (2 hours)

Filling In Online Application Forms – A short course on how to go through the process of filling in an application form online (2 hours)

Also Crochet classes coming soon (fees apply) – Making a Crochet Pumpkin, Making a Crochet Christmas Stocking and Making Crochet Snowflakes

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